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The Trails End Boutique this week has changed its look some more with its colour, features etc. We are in constant refinement being a new business and all, so we get suggestions from others from in the business world to amp it up a notch. Some products are being added to our store such as more laptop skins and ipad cases. This was because we were getting low on these products, and being that we like a few more choices to offer people we did add some more to our stock. We do find some interesting designs out there and being that we have an opportunity to add designs to products we enjoy finding these little extras. 

We are looking at expanding our audience very soon. Being a new business we may need to outsource our Advertising and Marketing as we need more exposure to our store. Most of the work in this store is supplied by one person (me), so it is difficult to get everything done. Our knowledge of Advertising and Marketing is very slight so this may be a good idea to outsource this to a more experienced person.

Another project we are involved with is sending out Chuffed Campaign to Monster Funder to expose it to a larger audience. We are looking at raising start-up costs for our business to help with some refinements. As I was saying about Marketing and Advertising, this would help with that area greatly. And also maybe help with an expert to tidy a few more areas, and other ideas that they can come up with. Our idea in turn is to give back to the community by selling our products and giving a portion to charity. This is our intention.

We look forward in making more refinements to our site in the near future for www.thetrailsendboutique.net. If anybody has any other suggestions we can do we would be glad to hear from you. Please use the contact us form on our site home page. Thanks!


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